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What a great first summer month! Check out everything we did and learned.

How Ellisa Says Relaxation

Me Not We Wednesday: How Ellisa Says Relaxation

Need I write a thing? Okay, one thing. Check out how she puts her legs up towards the end. Oh, the life of a three year old.  

Me Not We Wednesday: Ellisa Swims

Me Not We Wednesday: Ellisa Swims!

Ellisa started swimming! Ever since, she can’t stop going under all the way. Last year at the end of the summer she would hold her breath and put in face in but she wouldn’t put her entire head under. Now she’s unstoppable! It’s adorable how free and happy she seems when she’s under water. And […]

Hudson's Dreams

Me Not We Wednesday: Hudson’s Dreams

Here’s a recent story where Hudson recalls a dream he had that night. I think the second dream was made up on the spot. Talking with Hudson is sure getting fun. At the beginning he says, “My dream was…I was in a cornfield all by myself.” I think you’ll understand the rest. Keep watching for […]

Homeschooling in May

Homeschooling 3 Year Olds: Unschooling in May

This was the month of everything Spring. We ended the month with an abundance of life in our house: new herbs, veggies, flowers, compost, sea monkeys, beta fish, birds (blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, pigeons, and more), two squirrels, butterflies, an ant farm, and lots of bugs. Of course not all of these things were […]

Me Not We Wednesday: Hudson the Conversationalist

Me Not We Wednesday: Hudson the conversationalist

So Hudson is now having fairly deep conversations with us about all sorts of things. It’s pretty adorable and super fun to poke and prod thoughts out of him. Here’s some footage of him and Charles discussing rock ‘n’ roll. Of course, he was saying all sorts of great stuff before I got the camera […]