Happy 5th Birthday Peanuts!

5 Year Birthday Celebration!

The peanuts 5th birthday party has already come and gone. The whole week was a party really. It stared off with each of them picking out their piñatas, a birthday tradition. Then we went out to lunch with Aunt Corko and got a hug slice of lemon cheesecake. Hudson and I really enjoyed that. Then […]

We listened

Unschooling in August: Summer Ends (kinda)

We decided to brave it in the heat and continue on with our summer fun!    

Unschooling in July

Unschooling in July: Summer Continues!

Check out all we did in July! It was fun and exhausting. 4th of July madness not included.

Unschooling in June

Unschooling in June: Summer Fun Begins!

With September beginning, I think it’s time I update the blog with what we did this summer. Summer was crazy! We didn’t go on a vacation this year but it sure seemed like we did a ton. Our life adventures and learning never seem to end. From playing in creeks to sitting at home reading […]


Fourth of July 2015

What a great fourth of July we had this year! Prior to the 4th we got invited to see some fireworks on a golf course and that was super fun. The kids just ran around and then were mesmerized by the fireworks, Probably the first year they weren’t bothered by the loud sounds. Thanks aunt […]

Mustang Island 2015!

Summer Beach Trip 2015: Mustang Island

Our favorite place to spend a long weekend has become Mustang Island. It’s amazing and if you ask me it’s a bit of a hidden jewel. You can drive your car right on the beach, park it and camp for the night. We’ve done it the last two years and we couldn’t wait to do […]