Me not we Wednesday: Ellisa the chef

With Hudson sick, Ellisa can still find something to cook. No need for fancy toys when you’ve got a handful of old glow sticks (noodles).

Unschooling in March

Homeschooling 3 year olds: Unschooling in March

Is it really mid-April already? Here’s some of what we learned in March. And let’s not forget everything we did during SXSW!

Me Not We Wednesday: Sandcastle Destruction

Me Not We Wednesday: Sandcastle Destruction

Boys will be boys. I built it just to watch him enjoy destroying it. So at what age do kids actually care about building sandcastles?

Me Not We Wednesday: My Little Scavenger

Me Not We Wednesday: My Little Scavenger

Ellisa is obsessed with collecting nature. Whenever we are outside as of lately–which is almost every day most of the day–Ellisa is collecting things. She’ll pick berries off a bush until they are all picked, she’ll pick any flower she sees, she collects leaves, rocks, sticks, nests (tree moss), nuts, various berries, etc… What’s funny […]

Hudson and his balance bike

Me Not We Wednesday: Hudson on bikes

Why have I neglected to post this the last two Wednesdays is beyond me.   – – – – – – – – – – – - Oh my. I really need to get this boy a helmet! Here’s some recent footage of his biking tricks. (He has a helmet now!) He started out on […]

SXSW 2014!

SXSW Wrap-Up 2014

Well it’s already come and gone this year. This is the first year we didn’t go do something without the kids! Sort of sad but I guess that’s where we’re headed: life without kids isn’t quite life. We did some stuff with the kids and it was great fun. All free. If the kids were […]