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Ellisa is 5 Years Old!

Sweet sweet Ellisa. Ellisa has sure been through a lot for a 5-year-old. Hell, she’s been through more than most adults I know. And what an amazing 5-year-old she has turned out to be! I love waking up with her kissing my arm (as she usually does when she wakes up), watching her skip everywhere […]

Hudson is 5!

Hudson is Five Years Old!

Hudson. My Hudson. I’m so in love with this little lover boy right now. I don’t think he could be more me and Charles mixed together, and what a joy he is every day. He loves scary stuff (within reason), fighting (in a healthy boy way), guns, comics and books, and games just like daddy. […]

We got wet

Unschooling in September 2015

Beginning of the school year. Just another day at our house.