4th Birthday Party

The 4th Birthday Party…

…and weekend! We were lucky to have the Purma’s visit again for the twins birthday! They’ve been here for every birthday so far. Not only did we have a great birthday but we had a great birthday weekend with our visiting family. A little rain didn’t stop us from having fun!    

4 yrs old

4 Years Old!

I began writing this as the kids had their first day at Nature’s Way, a 2-day a week pre-school. It’s scary they’re this big already. It’s wonderful they’re finally this big. It’s liberating they’re not hanging on me for 6 hours a week! I’m not sure who’s more excited about this. Me or the kids? […]

We create whenever we want

Homeschooling 3 Year Olds: Unschooling in August

August felt like our first real Texas summer month with the heat finally hitting upper 90′s daily. Because of that, we stayed home a lot during the mornings and at our pool in the afternoons. This caused sibling rivalries and swimming achievements through August. Let’s just say it was a challenging yet fun month for […]

So good to visit with friends!

Summer Vacation 2014, Part 3: Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas early evening. The check-in line at The Paris was so long that we decided to come back later and instead walk around a bit. After walking through The Paris and The Bellagio, we headed to Bally’s food court for some cheap eats (not really). We checked into our room after […]

Desert Hot Springs

Summer Vacation 2014, Part 2: Desert Palm Springs

Friday was our check out day and we really weren’t sure where to go or what to do. Our plans to drive up north to Camarillo got cancelled and we didn’t know how we wanted to spend the weekend. We first thought to camp on the beach but found out fast that you have to […]