Hudson is 5!

Hudson is Five Years Old!

Hudson. My Hudson. I’m so in love with this little lover boy right now. I don’t think he could be more me and Charles mixed together, and what a joy he is every day. He loves scary stuff (within reason), fighting (in a healthy boy way), guns, comics and books, and games just like daddy. […]

We got wet

Unschooling in September 2015

Beginning of the school year. Just another day at our house.

Happy 5th Birthday Peanuts!

5 Year Birthday Celebration!

The peanuts 5th birthday party has already come and gone. The whole week was a party really. It stared off with each of them picking out their piñatas, a birthday tradition. Then we went out to lunch with Aunt Corko and got a hug slice of lemon cheesecake. Hudson and I really enjoyed that. Then […]

We listened

Unschooling in August: Summer Ends (kinda)

We decided to brave it in the heat and continue on with our summer fun!    

Unschooling in July

Unschooling in July: Summer Continues!

Check out all we did in July! It was fun and exhausting. 4th of July madness not included.

Unschooling in June

Unschooling in June: Summer Fun Begins!

With September beginning, I think it’s time I update the blog with what we did this summer. Summer was crazy! We didn’t go on a vacation this year but it sure seemed like we did a ton. Our life adventures and learning never seem to end. From playing in creeks to sitting at home reading […]